Women and girls with asperger
More than 55,000 Danes have been diagnosed with different forms of autism, and at least one in four is a woman or girl. Yet it is difficult to find literature or other forms of information about what it means to be a woman or girl with an autism spectrum profile.

The authors attempt to correct that with this book's 11 stories about life as a woman or girl with asperger. The goal is to show that autism can be expressed in many ways, and that having an autism spectrum profile is not necessarily synonymous with a troubled and difficult life. It can also equal creative and amazing personalities and subtle minds. Despite a number of neurobiological common features, individuals with an autism spectrum profile are as diverse as any other.

In this book you will meet 11 women or girls with asperger, from Emma (aged 12) to Anne (aged 49). Providing good insight into the everyday thoughts, dreams, challenges and joys of life with aspergers, these stories are both thought provoking and life-affirming to read.

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